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Do ionic hair dryers work?

The humid weather in Singapore with strong sunlight unfortunately means you have to wash your mane daily. For ladies with busy schedules, one big problem of washing your hair late at night is that you have to blow dry it daily before sleep. Hair can be easily damaged and over-dried by daily use of hairdryer as moisture is lost due to the peeling off hair cuticles. I have been disappointed by many ionic hairdryers until I met this one — Nobby by TESCOM NTCD50.

(Disclaimer: the author of the article is in no way related to TESCOM. The review published on only represents personal opinion of the author, and does not represent the view of Fenlyn or any other institutions or corporations the author is related to.)


Collagen + Platinum + Nano Mist + Negative Ions

NTCD50 is the only hairdryer in the market that combines the magic of collagen, platinum, nano moisture and negative ions.

– Collagen & Platinum: Uniquely replaceable collagen box releases collagen to condition cuticles and scalp, lessening damage from friction & UV.

– Nano Mist: Mist smaller than cuticle space penetrates hair to inject moisture into hair.

– Triangle negative ions: Protect your hair from damage by static electricity; Help moisture penetrates deep into hair cuticles.


Facial & Scalp Modes

– Facial Mode: You can use the hairdryer to do a quick negative ion collagen facial before blowing dry your hair to keep facial skin moist. The facial mode also helps to reduce the level of porphryin, a phototoxic material produced from P.acne’s metabolic process.

– Scalp Mode: Lower temperature with collagen & negative ion projection help to keep scalp in a healthy condition.


Visible results

My hair was quite damaged due to frequent chemical treatments such as perming, rebonding and coloring. Immediately after the first usage of NTCD50, I can see my hair has become visibly glossier and less fizzy. When turning on the hairdryer for blow dry or facial, you can clearly sense the smell of negative ions, which is not evident in other hair dryers. NTCD50 works at 1700W, powerful enough to maintain an air flow of 1.4 meter cube for minutes to give you the salon blow dry experience.


Sleek appearance

NTCD50 is as sleek as a polished sports car, appealing to most fuzzy buyers who demand for both functionality and design.


70% market share in Japanese Salon

Established in 1965, Nobby by TESCOM has obtained strong support from Japanese salons and professional hair stylists. According to research by Japan Consultant from June to July 2017, Nobby is the most popular hair salon tool brand with 70% market shares in Japan

I have finally found the silver bullet to salvage my damaged hair. Hopefully, this review can be your help as well to achieve the glossy look from inside out.